Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

law of money and love

-----MONEY is a universal provider for everything but not HAPPINESS and a passport to everywhere but never in HEAVEN.

I thought it was true but lately our teacher in economics said nowadays there's no use to believe that because she said MONEY can buy everything even LOVE,how pathetic isn't it right?.After all she's right.If your in a situation like she give as example.

---example you have two(2)suitors the other one is only POOR but you like his/her then the other one came from a WELL-KNOWN family a belongs to rich and respective people in town..Who among them will you answer YES? order to live we need to be practical isn't it?.
---I know you will choose the RICH one right? .even though you don't like his/ of needs and necessity states "whats the use of love if it can't give you all your needs" your love can't give you all the happiness and needs,at first it was happy yes!..But do you think you can EAT your LOVE?..NO! can teach yourself whom to be loved..but LOVE can never ever provides material needs and contentment..

---for those who are contradict these post..haha!..better believe it..your a liar if you said it was wrong..

---LOVE is always unfair and it will never ever be fair!!!..

Saturday, February 27, 2010

sorry for it is the real me

I can be what you want me to be
but i can't ever be what i want myself to be..

i can give you anything..but there’s always an exchange
that’s how i play
learn from me
and i can also learn from you

bad influence-er
bad boy


a person who wants to change but can’t
acts a year younger
thinks a year older

that’s how it is
take it or leave it

you ain’t a lucky bastard
-i’m not okay-

Friday, February 26, 2010


I could never find another one who
could compare to you.
I may love again but not the way i had loved you.
You may only be a part of my past
but you know what?
Everytime i see you, i whisper…
“minahal ko yan.”

naisip ko lg!

I know its now over between us,
but how come i can’t forget you?
How come i get hurt when i see you with someone else?
Perhaps you still have a space in my heart that says,

“love pa rin kita baby kahit la kana…”

_-_dedicated pra sa mahal ko!!